LEDs and brains!

Finally the Braaainz (KK2.0) arrived along with a LED-stripe and the CW (or standard rotational/right) set of Turnigy 11×4.7 props. The ones I already have are the 11×4.7R or CCW ones.

The KK is so tiny and cute. I only hope it works well, because the LCD-panel was abit loose. I pushed it back and it stayed there so I’m thinking the adhesive probably lost grip due to change in temperatures during shipment. Maybe I get some time to boot it up this weekend and we’ll see.


Yesterday I tried to get a feel of what length of arms I wanted. Initially I was thinking in terms of: “I want it big and slow so I can shoot stable videos!” Somewhere along the lines of what RCExplorer.se David WindestÃ¥l did in the Tricopter 2.5 build video for Flitetest.com. – Around 35cm or longer yet. But after some more research I have seen that the Bat Bone was built with no more than 25cm booms I’m not that afraid of keeping them relatively short. Now it looks like I will be cutting my 1m sticks on 33cm. That means that I have a full set of them with every 1m stick I buy.

Not much missing now but time and energy 🙂 … Well except some screews, motor mounts and landing gears…