I migrated my WordPress blog from Loopia.se to DigitalOcean.com Droplet

I’ve migrated the WordPress blog to a Droplet (container) on DigitalOcean.com! Yay!

The Droplet is a one-click WordPress install, but with some additional ansible provisioning. This will keep the maintenance effort at minimal.

Moving all DNS to DO will be the next step.
Then I will fix letsencrypt/nginx reverse proxy and migrate the remaining few static sites to this setup, saving a few bucks.

Email me if you find any problems.

DNS are updating so a few known issues are:
the illifpv.com is not working and in parked state = solved
– the emillind.eu is also in parked state = solved
Email to the site-domains (this emillind.se and the aliases) is not verified to work. = solved