Well things are coming together nicely. I finished attaching the last bulletconnectors (18!! solderings) needed for flight capable electrical system this Sunday. I still have a loooong list of things to be done but figured it was time to lay out all the parts to get a feel for how it will look and also a first notion as to how I will be able to route the cables. It looks as I will not need the extension cables for the ESCs after all, length of ESCs cables with connectors should suffice. Next up will probably be attaching the servo for the tilt. After that testing the ESCs and motors, reading up on SimonK programming ESCs then do that and also prepare by researching on setting up the KK2.0. and … tbc… 😉

LEDs and brains!

Finally the Braaainz (KK2.0) arrived along with a LED-stripe and the CW (or standard rotational/right) set of Turnigy 11×4.7 props. The ones I already have are the 11×4.7R or CCW ones.

The KK is so tiny and cute. I only hope it works well, because the LCD-panel was abit loose. I pushed it back and it stayed there so I’m thinking the adhesive probably lost grip due to change in temperatures during shipment. Maybe I get some time to boot it up this weekend and we’ll see.


Yesterday I tried to get a feel of what length of arms I wanted. Initially I was thinking in terms of: “I want it big and slow so I can shoot stable videos!” Somewhere along the lines of what David Windestål did in the Tricopter 2.5 build video for – Around 35cm or longer yet. But after some more research I have seen that the Bat Bone was built with no more than 25cm booms I’m not that afraid of keeping them relatively short. Now it looks like I will be cutting my 1m sticks on 33cm. That means that I have a full set of them with every 1m stick I buy.

Not much missing now but time and energy 🙂 … Well except some screews, motor mounts and landing gears…