Restore dar easily in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, or not?

Update 1: I got the dapper version of kdar to work. I never tried it because I didn’t think it would work. But the packages installed without any trouble and works just as good as in Ubuntu 9.10.

Update 2: I also tried pybackpack that is a nice gui
for manual backups using rdiff-backup. Rdiff-backup can do remote backup using ssh but needs rdiff-backup installed on both client and server. It’s somewhat similar to rsync in that aspect. Pybackpack I had to pull from the SVN repos, since the packages that exist had major bugs relating to gui-changes causing it to be broken. Pybackpack project site:

Update 3: Using archfs on my backupserver I can get the backup-images fuse-mounted and have direct file access to all previously backed file-versions. There are two views that one can mount using options. One show each file as a directory containg all versions of that file with a date+timestamp, and there is the default view that shows date+timestamps as directorys in the root of the mountpoint and below the directory structure as it where for that specific backup. Since my backup-server is a Debian Lenny I had to pull the archfs-package from the unstable repository (I changed the /etc/apt/sources.list to include an unstable-source during the install, and then removed it).

I never tried sbackup since it doesn’t match my needs.

Ok so it seems I might have been praised the use of dar alittle to soon in my previous post. Well at least the use of kdar as of now. I’m having trouble getting it to run on Ubuntu 10.04.

And all that my major research-crawling gives me is Dargui, (gnome/gtk gui) that also won’t work (yet) in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

And I also found a completely different approach: rdiff-backup with archfs.

I will probably end up extracting my dar-archive completely or zip it or something (i only want to archive this backup set of my old laptop-installation of 9.10). And then I will try archfs for incremental backups of my current setup.

I will post a follow up on this when I have it done.

And yeah, if you only want to backup a few files easily there should be an option in Ubuntu 10.04… I think it’s called sbackup. There also some backintime project and dejadup that I have to look into.

To be continued…