Digikam centralized in Xen guest

I’m using Digikam on my laptop to manage my photos. I recently bought a new camera using. And now I’m trying to setup an centralized environment on my server (running xen). Although the thought of editing high-resolution photos through VNC doesn’t seem like a great idea, it seems possible to at least use the tagging and managing features in Digikam. Using X11 forwarding is even slower, especially when displaying the images. The tests I’ve done so far has been over wifi (11G) , so if I would use wired LAN it might work good enough. The original idea on how to transfer the images to the server was simply to connect the camera directly via USB (ptp), passed through to the virtual guest server. But that just doesn’t seem to work. The passthru possibilities in Xen isn’t good enough. I’ve managed to get mass-storage devices to function, using pci-passthru, but my camera can only handle USB-ptp mode. So for now, as a workaround, I’ve setup a samba share on the network for importing pictures (basicly a predefined folder on the virtual server). And I’m thinking about buying a card-reader to the server. If anyone got any tips on this, please let me know.