After visiting about 4 hardware stores in search of what I thought was a relatively common dimension I finally found them at a local hobbyshop I didn’t even know existed: ReservdelsRC. Went there yesterday and when entering the shop and looking around I saw their “Great Wall Of Screws And RC Accessories”, wow! Jackpot! I could even choose between two different materials and designs. Also, my calculations on screwlength will work. I got 20pcs M3x6mm and also just in case 20pcs of M3x8mm. Later I might also buy som extra M3x20mm’s for the Bat Bone.

And yes I will probably do 1000 posts before this Tricopter flies 😛

Motormounts continued…

I found some new material for the motormounts! A piece of silver-anodized aluminum. It was abit expensive at $11 or 75kr, considering I will be using only ~15cm of the total meter length. But hey, at least now I’ll have spare material incase I need to make repairs.

So I have begun working on the final product. I have some drilling to do, it should be easy enough.