I’ve built alot of quads!

Since the last time I posted anything RC-related I’ve been busy enjoying the hobby to the fullest. I’ve followed the quadcopter revolution. Or rather multicopter revolution to be more precise when including also the tricopters. Hopefully I will soon get to update this site with more information on all the builds I’ve done. I think it’s about 9 fully built 250-size quadcopters, 2 larger and one 250-size tricopter. #fpvaddict

But for now please checkout my FPV-instagram where I have posted updates on some of them.

Also on the latest build I added alot of pictures and some detailed specifications to rotorbuilds.com. The frame is from Armattan Quads and is called the “Chameleon Suki edition“.

Prototype done!

So here is the final prototype for my motormount.
I might have used the wrong bit for the Dremel. I used a carving bit for engraving but should have tried the cutting bit first. Now I had to do layer by layer like 20passes for each cut. Maybe I don’t need to do that if the cutting bit works with this plastic… I’ll try that next time.