Hxt adapter ready!

I finished the adaptercable! Soldering the HXT was a real pain. It was really deep and required alot of tin to fill up. That in combo with my novice skills in soldering the fat AWG 10 and a few bad mistakes made it a hassle. Hopefully it is good enough to deliver both power and durability so that I never need to do this again. Although I might have learned enough to make a solid one next time. Covered upp most of the mistakes with shrink tube. I think it looks ok 🙂
Update: I made a ffwd-buildvideo


I have also bought some wooden booms. Unfortunately it’s not as common with 13x13mm in Sweden as I had hoped. I will try with some 15x15mm sticks I found and see if I can make them fit without too much hassle. The alternatives beeing getting them custom made if possible at the shop or ordering online from somewhere else. But I also don’t want to wait for an order to come through every time I break an arm… Still considering the alternatives though.